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18 or no? - Ask Mo and Show

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April 25th, 2004

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05:23 pm - 18 or no?
OK hello i justjoined the comunity a second ago because this question has been bothering me and i was hoping someone could answer it here.

alright everyone knows about like the erotica sectoins at borders and bookstores like that right? well can people under 18 buy that stuff? because normally stuff like playboy isnt that out in the open right? so i was just wondering if you still had to be 18 to buy the books? because every time i walk by it i wonder so please answer i would be much olbiged. thank you
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Date:April 26th, 2004 07:19 am (UTC)

Interesting question

Well, it's nice to see a question again.*rejoices*

Anyway. You have asked, if you have to be 18 to purchase "adult books" you wonder this because you have to be 18 to purchase hentai anime, play boy, and most forms of "erotica".

Before I get to an answer, I will answer other questions you asked. At a book store, IF playboy it out in the open it has a cover across is to that it can not be seen. At gas stations PlayBoys are kept away from customers behind the counters, you must ask for them, and must be 18 to purchase a play boy at a gas station.

I am assuming you are younger than 18.

I know that Suncoast if you purchase a hentai anime or erotic video even the boxes state they are for audience of 18+ and I do believe they card you because like cigerettes and alcohol its not legal to distribute "smut" to a minor.

If you have ever looked up porn on the internet they trust you that you are 18 and of legal age to view it, even if its just a picture.

So with all this said I am going to say most likely you have to be 18 to purchase anything that is adult themed.

You can always ask a store clerk or take one up to the front to buy it and if they tell you you have to be 18 tell them sorry did not knwo because there was no sign stating so. But Most likley you have to be 18 because its "adult" and you cant pedal "smut" of any kind [smut="bad things"] to minors, its like a federal or state offense or something. So yeah you probbaly cant buy it with out an ID.

I mean you cant buy any equipment for a paintball gun with out id even if its just a barrel squeege.


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