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April 5th, 2004

01:30 pm - Check it out!
Ask Mo and Show.com? Okay not really but still check it out

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April 4th, 2004

09:51 pm - OH Yeah!!
askmoandshow Now has it's own page on the (SI) Site.

The Page is currently very plain. It can be found HERE

If you have any suggestions as to what can be added to this page, or site. There is space enough on the site to add more pages involving Ask Mo and Show, so again. If You have any ideas on what can be done or added then please, feel free to give us those ideas.

To submit an Idea just leave it as a comment to this post. Keep checking back to this Post or the actual page for updates on the Ask Mo and Show page.

E.S. of askmoandshow

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April 1st, 2004

08:38 pm - The Bard
William Shakespeare: Great writer or overrated hack?

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March 29th, 2004

05:16 pm - Question for AMAS Mods
Do you two think that we should advertise? I do not mean ourselves, but others. I have created a simple page on geocities for AMAS. Do you think that we should advertise other communities on that page, and or on AMAS?

This is directed towards the Mods, but I suppose some of you others can give your two cents worth also.


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March 25th, 2004

04:44 pm
why does nail polish remover remove EVERYTHING?

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March 24th, 2004

02:02 pm - Discussion
I see another lack of Questions so here is a discussion point.

What questions do you have about these new Sewing machines that run with a Windows Operating System

Remember DO NOT post a comment, ask your question in a SEPERATE post.
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March 17th, 2004

08:56 pm - question
This has been bugging me for a few days and I can't find the answer. I'll be impressed if you can find it because my genius nutrition prof doesn't even know. So:

Is it possible to get cancer in cardiac tissue?
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09:57 am - In response to Elvisshows Post

Why do people go to the trouble of acquiring cell phones only to either (a) leave the at home or (b) never, ever answer them?

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09:54 am - In response to Elvisshows Post

Why do I feel like I've lost part of my soul when I leave my cell phone at home on accident?

I have driven great distances and been very very late to important things because I forget it sitting on it's happy little charger at home. Without me.

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March 16th, 2004

10:07 pm - Lack of Questions.
I see there is a lack of questions currently. Well lets see if we can fix that.

Here is a subject to ask questions on.
Perhaps, some one out there has something to say about the following, or has a question that comes to mind.

The Subject is:

Cell Phones

P.S. From now on if a question is posted for you to reply to, PLEASE reply in a seperate post, not a posted comment


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