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December 14th, 2004

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09:39 pm - song needs
hey, new member, got a question for homework

i'm in filmmaking class in my highschool, and we're working on a PSA (public service announcement). i'm having music behind the footage, and i need a song promoting college/going to school. not all lyrics have to be good, but some as so i can cut it to my needs. thanks!

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Date:December 18th, 2004 04:40 am (UTC)
Hi, Mo speaking um lets see if you already haven't passed your dead line, perhaps "Teenage Suicide Don't Do It" from the Heathers sound track, lol.

No, really perhaps it would be a wise idea to use something without lyrics, it would be easier to splice in and less distracting.No one and believe me no one wants to hear an infinate loop of a top 40 song, chorus. Something withinj the public domain would be suitable, perhaps something simple from an earlier decade perhaps, 1930-140s, what I'm trying to get across is it's better to use something that has no blatant connotations. I'd have to have a better idea of what mood you were going for. I mean, are we trying to intimmidate the youths not to do drugs for fear of pregnancy or sudden death, or are we saying that "Just saying NO!" will not cause a social death.

Even in the choosing of a simple soundtrack semantics are important, I mean can you imagine Rocky Balboa running the stairs to Donna Summer's I Will Survive. Well, I'm sure we all can, but no we wouldn't want that, . . . or would we?

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