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September 9th, 2004

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12:18 pm - ATTN:
I see that no one out there uses Mo andShow. I also hear of no one pimping it either. lol

I think we should keep it because it is free, we can alsways mention in to new people, such as Ed boy. Or anyone else who may or may not use LJ. think of it as a new company, that hastrouble getting off the ground. I am sure there are some out there who wish to ask us things. Perhaps if we are all nicer to them, rather than cursing at their questions or at the person so ask the question. just let them ask and then give them an answer.

I mean it might take a while for it to get going but hey. We can make it into something else too. besides jus asking questions, I mean damn its a community, make it AMaS + whatever. I still rather keep it though, perhaps one day it will pick back up, or maybe some one will actually read it. if you wish to write a story and enter it for a conest or something. remember we do have a website. sooo, we could do that publish some ones story, well not publish but show. make it into a file for download or just put it on some pages or whatever. or peoples art or something. I mean e can do anythin....we have the power. bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

buti still say to keep it.

just needs some pimping or something i dunno


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