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December 14th, 2004

09:39 pm - song needs
hey, new member, got a question for homework

i'm in filmmaking class in my highschool, and we're working on a PSA (public service announcement). i'm having music behind the footage, and i need a song promoting college/going to school. not all lyrics have to be good, but some as so i can cut it to my needs. thanks!

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September 9th, 2004

12:18 pm - ATTN:
I see that no one out there uses Mo andShow. I also hear of no one pimping it either. lol

I think we should keep it because it is free, we can alsways mention in to new people, such as Ed boy. Or anyone else who may or may not use LJ. think of it as a new company, that hastrouble getting off the ground. I am sure there are some out there who wish to ask us things. Perhaps if we are all nicer to them, rather than cursing at their questions or at the person so ask the question. just let them ask and then give them an answer.

I mean it might take a while for it to get going but hey. We can make it into something else too. besides jus asking questions, I mean damn its a community, make it AMaS + whatever. I still rather keep it though, perhaps one day it will pick back up, or maybe some one will actually read it. if you wish to write a story and enter it for a conest or something. remember we do have a website. sooo, we could do that publish some ones story, well not publish but show. make it into a file for download or just put it on some pages or whatever. or peoples art or something. I mean e can do anythin....we have the power. bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

buti still say to keep it.

just needs some pimping or something i dunno


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August 10th, 2004

02:01 pm - the end is near
Well I don't see this, here thing we do thriving. I'm asking my other collaborators for permission to end this thing. Thanks for all the participation from those of you who did.

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August 5th, 2004

10:44 pm - Something different, readers answer
Greetings fellow moandshowers, er moshows? Whichever. this week's topics will include the following:

I encourage readers as well as mods to answer and discuss

1. Ebay does it rizzule or suxorz?

2. Which moderator is the bestest?

3. Top picks for online shopping?

4. Annoying habits anyone?

5. Can or glass?

As afore mentioned post, post, post.
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May 16th, 2004

10:06 pm
Yes, as I can see there are umm a lack of Questions here at AMAS. So the Topic of the day/week is ummmmm.


Yes, The Topic is Bettas, so send us and Betta questions and we will gladly get some answers to you.

E.S. of AMaS

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May 15th, 2004

11:35 am
It has come to my attention that askmoand how has been all but abandoned, so I have a few ideas should we . . .?

1. Abandon it?
2. Delete it?
3. Make it over into something new?
4. Pimp it and try to revive it?
5. (Your idea here)?
Current Mood: concerned

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April 25th, 2004

05:23 pm - 18 or no?
OK hello i justjoined the comunity a second ago because this question has been bothering me and i was hoping someone could answer it here.

alright everyone knows about like the erotica sectoins at borders and bookstores like that right? well can people under 18 buy that stuff? because normally stuff like playboy isnt that out in the open right? so i was just wondering if you still had to be 18 to buy the books? because every time i walk by it i wonder so please answer i would be much olbiged. thank you
Current Mood: curiouscurious
Current Music: windchimes

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April 23rd, 2004

12:34 am - Question
From An Anonymous Poster

ok, if a dog can be trained to relieve itself outdoors, and a cat can be trained to use a litterbox, and a monkey, particularly a chimp, is much more intelligent than either, why do people make monkeys wear diapers?

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April 20th, 2004

02:15 pm
Okay kids here's the deal ask me a personal question and I'll answer it honestly.

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April 7th, 2004

10:04 pm - Update!
I know I have already mentioned this like yesterday, or the day before, but for some reason I am excited. [Okay, so I am a weirdo] Anyway, back to what I was saying, or begining to say rather. If you check the information page on this community you will see that the Website link, is no longer just a page on the "Show Industries" Website. It is one of its own.

Yes, that is right. Ask Mo and Show, has it's own site. I know I said that like the other day BUT now there are actually a couple pages up there, rather than the "enter" page and home page. There will be more up soon, just as soon as i figure out what else to add. Assuming anything else can be added at this time.

Well, just thought I would let all that tune into this journal know, there is a site up and in the works. Hope you enjoy it when it gets completly up, and even before it gets completly up!!

Current Mood: excitedexcited

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